Our Local Producers

Tanzenwald Brewing Company is proud to support local producers: we source many of the vegetables, meats, cheeses, and more for our kitchen from southern Minnesota businesses, close to home. Meet them and learn more about the amazing work they do!

Brick Oven Bakery

Welcome to the Brick Oven Bakery! Located in Northfield, Minnesota, the Brick Oven Bakery produces handcrafted breads and pastries with no preservatives. We offer both crusty hearth loaves and sandwich breads. Stop in for coffee or tea from one of our baristas and choose a treat from a wide variety of pastries, including our well-known caramel and cinnamon rolls. Our café menu includes breakfast options plus sandwiches, soups and salads for lunch. Our menu changes frequently and features products from local producers.

Website: brickovenbakery.com

CannonBelles Cheese

In 2012, Jackie Ohmann, Kathy Hupf, and Deeann Lufkin started making cheese in their kitchens. We loved how it tasted and realized we should share this with others! From there, the idea for CannonBelles Cheese was born. They have been working with the city and community of Cannon Falls, MN to get their cheese plant up and running. While they work on building their artisan cheese plant, they are making cheese at the University of Minnesota. They make cheese curds in various flavors, queso fresco, cheddar, and gouda. Each is made with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring quality and freshness. They know that their cheeses are something you will be proud to serve to your family and friends.

Website: facebook.com/CannonBelles

Caves of Faribault

At Caves of Faribault. we are committed to our customers. Our goal is to continually improve our world class cheese. Through careful listening and dedicated craftsmanship, we pursue that goal each and every day. The historic sandstone Caves of Faribault, home of America’s First Blue Cheese, are located on a tall sandstone bluff overlooking the Straight River in Faribault. Every handmade batch of our award winning Amablu line of blue cheeses is cured and aged exclusively in these sandstone caves. You can also taste the subtle nuances in the Cave Aged Fini Cheddar, St. Mary’s Grass Fed Gouda, and Jeffs’ Select Gouda and Verdant Grass Fed Blue cheeses.

Website: faribaultdairy.com

Graise Farm

Our mission at Graise Farm is to ensure all local community members have access to healthy, flavorful food from compassionately raised animals; to invite everyone in our community to experience livestock living in harmony with nature; and to offer premium protein food products at a fair price. Tiffany & Andy

Website: graisefarm.com

Herbivorous Butcher

Siblings Aubry and Kale Walch have spent the last several years perfecting deliciously deceiving meat-free meats and cheese-free cheeses and in January 2016, they opened The Herbivorous Butcher, the nation’s first vegan butcher shop. Their vegan meats and cheeses are made from scratch in small batches with ingredients available at your local co-op. Their mission is to improve the health of people, animals, and the environment through food, and to further their mission they founded a farm sanctuary called Herbivorous Acres.

Website: theherbivorousbutcher.com

Homestead Honey Farm

“We enjoy the art of bee-keeping and strive to keep the honey in its natural raw state.” Homestead Honey Farms, 2nd generation honey producers that see the beauty around us in southern MN.

Website: homesteadhoneyfarm.com

Just Food Coop

Proudly serving Northfield and our surrounding communities, visitors and guests since 2004. With programs designed to ensure that affordable GOOD food is available to everyone we welcome everyone to come and see us, shop with us and use our expertise. You’ll find affordable good food here, carefully selected to ensure that products meet our product policy, to feed your family and nourish your soul.

Website: justfood.coop

Living Greens Farm

Utilizing our patented technology, Living Greens Farm provides cost effective and efficient solutions to growing leafy greens and other produce in environmentally controlled facilities that are not subject to drought, pathogens and insects. This provides a consistent and reliable product that can be distributed on a daily basis to local markets. With a sustainable, indoor vertical farming platform we produce healthy, fresh and great tasting produce. What traditional farms grow on 200 acres, Living Greens Farm can grow on one.

Website: livinggreensfarm.com

Open Hands Farm

Open Hands Farm is a certified organic 20 acre vegetable farm, committed to feeding our community the freshest, most nutritious produce possible. Erin and Ben are the farmers, and alongside our wonderful employees, we aim to grow food in the most ecologically and economically sustainable ways possible. The farm is located 2 miles north of Northfield. We grow over 250 varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs and they are always harvested and handled to maximize freshness, flavor and nutritional value.

Website: openhandsfarm.wordpress.com

Mainstreet Project

Main Street Project is a non-profit organization working to transform systems that perpetuate inequities. Our sustainable food and agriculture work is focused on creating a new system that makes it possible for aspiring immigrant farmers or “agri- preneurs” to walk a path out of poverty to prosperity.

Website: mainstreetproject.org

Nerstrand Meats & Catering

A part of Nerstrand history since 1890, Nerstrand Meats & Catering has spent 120 years perfecting our smoked and grilled meats in Nerstrand, MN.

Website: nerstrandmeatsandcatering.com

Seeds Farm

Seeds Farm has aimed to produce high-quality, delicious and nutrient dense food since 2010. Our ingredients are simple: sunshine, warm rains, hard work and healthy soils. We believe in producing wholesome food and believe it is a vehicle for healthier and happier lives, a commitment to preserving the lands for future generations, and a means to creating stronger families and communities.

Website: seedsfarm.org

Seven Songs Farm

Seven Songs Organic Farm is the brainchild of Melissa Driscoll. After growing produce on three community garden plots, and raising chicken in her back yard in Minneapolis, Melissa talked her hubby, Jay Hambidge, into buying a farm together. In 2010 the couple purchased a seven acre farm in Kenyon, about ½ hour SE of Northfield, in the Zumbro River watershed. While Jay runs his computer consulting business, Melissa grows a variety of certified organic vegetables with a focus on ginger, turmeric, garlic, raspberries, tomatoes and peppers. Melissa has raised chickens since she was a child and she maintains a breeding and laying flock of (rare) Delaware hens, and one rooster – which are certified Animal Welfare Approved. Melissa also turns unsold fruits into jam, and garlic scapes into delicious pesto – all while working 30 hours a week at the Department of Natural Resources in St. Paul. Produce, jam, pesto and eggs are sold direct through a weekly egg delivery at Mill City Farmers Market in Minneapolis, and to local chefs and food manufacturers. Melissa is thrilled to be providing food for the Tanzenwald kitchen!

Website: sevensongsfarm.com

Shepherds Way

Our ingredients are simple: sunshine, warm rains, hard work and healthy soils. We believe in producing wholesome food and believe it is a vehicle for healthier and happier lives, a commitment to preserving the lands for future generations, and a means to creating stronger families and communities. “I farm because I am passionate about feeding my community with nutrient dense food and because I can think of no other way to live out my ideals and values. Life is good!”

Website: shepherdswayfarms.com

Singing Hill Goat Dairy

Singing Hills is a micro dairy half way between Faribault and Northfield next to the Big Woods State Park in Nerstrand, MN. We make fresh goat milk cheeses from our small herd of pastured mixed breed goats. We also buy goats milk from a neighbor who milks Oberhasli goats near Kenyon. We take pride in giving our animals a healthy enjoyable life. Their health as well as the health of our pasture is reflected in the taste of our cheese. Our operation is called a micro dairy because it is one of the smallest dairies in the state of Minnesota. We are transitioning at the moment, as businesses do, to a more family centered operation. The dairy is currently run by Lynne Reeck with the help of her trusty sisters, Nancy and Renee, who work full time jobs of their own. Patrick O’Brien, Lynne’s nephew, designed the logo.

Website: facebook.com/SingingHillsGoatDairy

Spring Wind Farm

Spring Wind Farm is a community-focused, diversified food farm serving the Northfield area since 2010. Our healthy soil and hard work yield delicious, chemical-free, nutrient-dense produce. Vegetables are at the core of our operation, but we love the diversity of life on a farm, so we also raise pigs, flowers, laying hens, and small grains…and a fruit orchard is coming soon! We cultivate our farm as a community gathering spot, and we love growing food for CSA members and local wholesale accounts.

Website: springwind.org

Tempeh Tantrum

Tempeh Tantrum seeks to redeem soy. To do this, we make tempeh at City Food Studio in Minneapolis, with great care, in small batches, modeled on traditional Indonesian methods adapted to our northern climate. We distribute it locally to great chefs and stores. Fermentation is the key to unlocking the nutrition of this local, sustainable protein. We start with organic beans, then soak, split and dehull them before inoculating and incubating. The result is mushroomy, nutty, and adaptable. Unlike any other food, and with a centuries-long history of use, tempeh is delectable in vegetarian and omnivorous cuisines alike. [Photo credit: Liz Welch and Nick Lether]

Website: tempeh-tantrum.com

Valley Natural Meat

Located on 16 acres of farmland in Northfield, Valley Natural Meats will offer USDA and custom processing services and wholesale meat distribution to the central / southern region of Minnesota.  We will be processing humanely raised grass-fed, and organic / natural grain fed, locally produced meats for our wholesale market. We’ll also be providing custom processing services for our local farmer-producers. We look forward to meeting our local and regional farmer-producers, and working with them to serve their processing and product outlet needs, and provide the kind of high quality products, service, and ethical operations that our suppliers and customers alike, expect of us.

Website: valleynaturalfoods.com/valley-natural-meats