On Tap

New England Style Hazy IPA. The house hazy IPA. Big aromas of tropical and stone fruit with a hint of sweet maltiness. Our numero uno. Growler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 6.2%—IBU: 15


Bavarian Pils. Classic southern German lager with a hint of lemon cookie going on. Growler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 4.8%—IBU: 23


Belgian Golden Strong. Dry, fruity, and effervescent. Hints of pear & banana. Growler/Crowler Available

 12 oz—ABV: 7.7%—IBU: 30

Haven't The Foggiest

Hazy Double IPA. I know. I know…How could we dare move our beloved Guns-a-blazin off the menu?  Well here is our answer! Supercharged Hazy with loads of Simcoe, Citra, and HBC1320.  Available in Growler and Crowler

 12 oz—ABV: 7.6%—IBU: 25

Cannon Valley Reserve

Beer/Wine Co-ferment.  A fun and highly experimental beverage concept and collaboration with Cannon River Winery.  Made with 10% white La Crescent grape must and rested on the skins and quick aged with French oak, this saison/wine starts like a beer and finishes like a sparkling white wine.  Growler/Crowler Available

 12 oz—ABV: 5.3%—IBU: 1

Trivial Pursuits #4

Experimental Hazy IPA.  This is our fourth rendition of our experimental IPA project.  Dry hopped with New Zealand Nectaron Hops, El Dorado and Citra.  Mega-hoppy and sweet.  Growler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 5.8%—IBU: 13


Doppelbock.  “I’ll be bock.” We humbly thank the Paulaner Monks of Munich for this delicious lager, historically brewed to sustain the body and soul during Lenten fasting.  Dark red in color and beautifully malty and caramel sweet. Available in Growler/Crowler

 16 oz—ABV: 6.2%—IBU: 33

Rio De Oro

Pineapple/Orange/Guava Parfait Sour. The latest and greatest of our smoothie sour lineup is a tropical concoction tat is almost un-beer like.  Just in time for warm weather! NOT AVAILABLE TO GO 

 12 oz—ABV: 5.6%—IBU: 5

BrownieSaurus Rex

Cereal-Infused Brownie Stout.  Our friends at Post Consumer Brands (Malt-O-Meal) handed us some pebble looking chocolate rice cereal to make a beer with and boy did we! Just a big ol glass of brownies. *Contains Lactose* Growler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 6.8%—IBU: 43

Lord of the Dance

Dry Irish Stout.  Michael Flatley would give his artistic high kick approval for this smooth coffee-like stout.  Brewed in honor of St. Paddy’s. Slainte!

 16 oz—ABV: 4.2%—IBU: 22


House Hard Seltzer.  Margarita-Lime is the newest flav, made with real lime juice. *Gluten Reduced*

 16 oz—ABV: 5%

750 ML Bottles TO-GO

Another Brix in the Wall

14 Month Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde Sour w/ Welch Woods Cherries

Life on Mars?

24 Month Barrel-Aged Belgian Red Sour w/Black Currants

Lost Senses

3 Month Aged in the Traditionalist Bourbon Barrels from Spring Valley, MN