On Tap

New England Style Hazy IPA. The house hazy IPA. Big aromas of tropical and stone fruit with a hint of sweet maltiness. Our numero uno. Growler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 6.2%—IBU: 15


Bavarian Pils. Classic southern German lager with a hint of lemon cookie going on. Growler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 4.8%—IBU: 23

Beer and Trembling

Norwegian IPA. “You become what you understand.” -Soren Kierkegaard. Originally made in honor of the world famous Kierkegaard Library at St. Olaf, this philosophical Scandanavian IPA has some serious orange/lime mojo . 

Growler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 5.5%—IBU: 19

Foux Du Fafa

Belgian Amber Ale.  A non-sensible beer made for French sensibilities.  Amber colored, fruity with a citrusy nose. Growler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 5.7%—IBU: 21

Bluff Style Light

American Light Lager. Collaboration with Chapel Brewing.  Brewed like our American forefathers intended with barley and corn.  Light and easy to chug on a hot day. Growler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 3.8%—IBU: 7

Shake It On Down

Orange Dreamsicle Milkshake IPA. A hazy IPA laden with Cara Cara Orange & vanilla, sweetened with lactose and dryhopped with Citra and El Dorado hops.  An Orange Julius in beer form! *Contains LactoseGrowler/Crowler Available

 16 oz—ABV: 6.4%—IBU: 15

Cannon Valley Reserve

Beer/Wine Co-ferment.  A fun and highly experimental beverage concept and collaboration with Cannon River Winery.  Made with 10% white La Crescent grape must and rested on the skins and quick aged with French oak, this saison/wine starts like a beer and finishes like a sparkling white wine.  Growler/Crowler Available

 12 oz—ABV: 5.3%—IBU: 1

Rio De Oro

Pineapple/Orange/Guava Parfait Sour. The latest and greatest of our smoothie sour lineup is a tropical concoction tat is almost un-beer like.  Just in time for warm weather! NOT AVAILABLE TO GO 

 12 oz—ABV: 5.6%—IBU: 5


Hofbrau-Style Hefeweizen. We can’t think of 2 things Germans love more than David Hasselhoff and a hazy, bubbly, and refreshing Hefeweizen.  Well, we love them too.  This beer has a fruity, big banana smell.  Perfect for slow motion runs on the beach.  Available in Growler/Crowler

 16 oz—ABV: 5.0%—IBU: 5

Pumphouse Porter

Nitro Porter.  Yup, this old building was originally a pumphouse long ago, we’re talking 1880s. We continue this liquid tradition with beer nowadays, a smooth porter to quench the thirst of a hard-working engineer.

 16 oz—ABV: 6.2%—IBU: 27


House Hard SeltzerStrawberry Lemonade is the newest flav, made with real strawberries and lemon. *Gluten Reduced*


 16 oz—ABV: 5%

750 ML Bottles TO-GO

Another Brix in the Wall

14 Month Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Belgian Blonde Sour w/ Welch Woods Cherries

Life on Mars?

24 Month Barrel-Aged Belgian Red Sour w/Black Currants

Lost Senses

3 Month Aged in the Traditionalist Bourbon Barrels from Spring Valley, MN